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One-stop walkthrough on BlockFi Sign In Account

In the today’s world of technical advancements, we have been observing that everything is finding its way online. Same in the case of finances, which is referred as Cryptocurrencies.

Given below in this article, we will introduce our readers with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms named as BlockFi login. It has been serving cryptocurrencies buy and sell services to individuals and enterprises across the globe.

BlockFi is one of the most secure and reliable platforms that also allows users to earn sound interest of upto 7.5%APY on your cryptocurrency.

BlockFi login account allows you to earn interest, loans backed by a portfolio, free of any additional charges trading or any other charges. The platform allows you to use crypto, USD and stable coins to fund BlockFi account.

The best and unique feature is about interest earning ability which is more than 14X than the current savings account which makes it highest interest yielding rates platform.

What are the features of BlockFi Sign In Account?

Mentioned below are the major features of BlockFi Sign In account-

  • Extremely high liquidity
  • Efficient usability for all customers
  • Premium safety features for crypto funds
  • Wide variety of crypto funds
  • No unreasonable additional charges
  • Instant and 24X7 customer service

Every cryptocurrency exchange platform has its own positives and negatives which makes it more reliable. We have discussed the pros and cons of a BlockFi login account in this section-

Pros of BlockFi Sign In

  1. No additional charges for BlockFi Sign in account and trading.
  2. No minimum fee is charged for trading and BlockFi wallet
  3. Borrowings can be initiated against crypto assets
  4. Crypto deposits in BlockFi account will generate high interests
  5. Crypto buying and selling procedure is extremely smooth and easy

Cons of BlockFi Sign In

  • No insurance from the FDIC
  • There is no insurance from the SIPC
  • Users get access to limited option for assets
  • Free withdrawals are only 1X every month
  • Rates of interest on crypto may vary

Apart from having some disadvantages, we would highly recommend you to use this cryptocurrency exchange platform because it’s worth it. After-all, every coin has two sides, these disadvantages can be accepted to some extent.

Here, in this section, user will get to know what can you do with or on your BlockFi login accounts:

  • Users can easily trade in crypto- buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.
  • Users can borrow funds against your crypto holdings
  • Get exciting and high interest rates on your crypto funds
  • Earn rewards on Bitcoin with BlockFi credit cards

Follow documents are required at the time of account registration for a BlockFi Sign in account:

  1. Your issued social security number (SSN)
  2. A valid and in-use phone number
  3. A valid government-issued proof of identity
  4. A selfie that is taken in real-time with a smartphone
  5. Age proof that shows you’re above 18

Given below are the steps to go through and create your account on the BlockFi sign up account:

  1. Begin the process by opening the official BlockFi site from a secure browser in your device.
  2. Locate and click on “Get Started” option.
  3. Enter the mandatory and required data for the BlockFi account sign in.
  4. Read through the Terms & Conditions that are given.
  5. Read Account Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.
  6. At the end of terms of service page, tick mark the “Agree” box and hit “Submit”.
  7. Now wait for a while to receive the verification email in your mailbox.
  8. Finally, complete the verification process and your BlockFi account is all ready to use.

List of top traded crypto on BlockFi Sign In Account

Given below is the list of crypto variants that are available on BlockFi login platform for trade-

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Gemini Dollar
  • USD Coin
  • Ethereum
  • Paxos Gold
  • Paxos Standard
  • Tether

Conclusion : BlockFi Sign In

The short 5-minute read article have crafted to give you details on this highly reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange named as BlockFi. User can yield high interest rates on deposited crypto currencies. Going through this guide, users must have got better understanding of the platform features, pros and cons of BlockFi Sign in account, what services user can yield from BlockFi account, documents required for BlockFi account sign in, the process of creating a BlockFi login account and so much more.