How to transfer money from bitmart to bank account?

How to transfer Money from BitMart to bank account?

Transfer funds from BitMart to other platforms [PC]

1. Visit, Then sign into to the BitMart Account you have created.

2. You can hover your account in the upper right corner of the home page, and you’ll be able to see a dropdown menu. Click [Assets]

3. In the Spot section Enter the currency you’d like to withdraw or select the coin from the dropdown menu on the search bar, and then select [search]

Take BTC as an example:

4. Click [withdraw]

5. Choose Manage Address

6. If you have an additional cryptocurrency and would like move digital currency from BitMart to other platforms, you can copy your Wallet address to the external platform:

  • Choose Coin
  • Enter your Walet Address on that external platform
  • Enter Remarks
  • Click [Add]

7. Enter your Wallet AddressAmount; then click [withdraw]

Each coin comes with its own withdrawal Address, so be sure to examine your withdrawal address carefully.
Make sure to check the Fee to Withdraw before clicking [Withdraw]

Transfer funds from BitMart to other platforms [APP]

1. Open BitMart App on your phone, then Sign in to your BitMart Account.

2. Click [Assets]



3. Click [Withdraw]

4. Enter the coin you want to withdraw at the search bar, then click [search]

Take BTC as an example:

5. Enter your Wallet AddressAmount; then click [withdraw]
How to Withdraw and Make a Deposit in BitMart
Each coin has its own Withdrawal Address, so please check your Withdrawal Address carefully.
Check The Withdrawal Fee before click [Withdraw]