In which country sport of curling originate?

Curling, a sport that involves players sliding stones across a sheet ice towards a target area segmented into four concentric circles, is one example of the many sports. Curling originate in Canada. It is similar in many ways to shuffleboard, boules, bowls and boules. Each team has four players and there are two teams. They take turns sliding the heavy, polished granite stones, also known rocks, along the ice sheet toward the house. A circular target on the ice is marked. Each player can throw two stones. Each team has eight stones. The aim is to accumulate the most points for a particular game. Points can be scored for stones placed closest to the middle of the house at the end of each side. This is when both sides have thrown their entire set of stones. A game generally has eight or ten ends.

A player can make the stone slide along a curve by rotating it slowly. Two sweepers who use brooms or brushes to help the stone slide down the sheet of ice and sweep it in front of them can also influence its path. “Sweeping” a rock reduces friction. Stones travel straighter, with less curl, and for longer distances. Teamwork and strategy are key to choosing the right route and placing stones for each situation. The curlers’ skills will determine how successful the stone will be. Let see some Important rules of curling.

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