Leather vs. Kydex Holsters for Concealed Carry

Should you use a leather holster or a Kydex holster?

This question is frequently asked, and the responses vary depending on who you ask. If you’ve already determined which is better for you, you’re free to fiercely defend your position. I’m here to let you in on a little secret if you haven’t made up your mind yet…

Both are excellent choices! Leather holsters and kydex holster are both excellent for various reasons. You can decide which features are most important to you based on your individual needs and tastes.


When compared to leather, Kydex is a relatively new material for holster designers. Kydex is a plastic-like composite material that was created for aircraft interiors. Kydex comes in thin sheets that may be heated and moulded to properly fit all of the nooks and crannies of a pistol or imitation. When the Kydex cools, it preserves its moulded shape while also becoming extremely hard and robust. One of the most significant advantages of custom moulding is retention. When you put your gun into a well-made Kydex holster, you’ll hear and feel the snap as the gun locks into place flawlessly. The gun will stay firmly locked into place even if you pull the holster out, turn it upside down, and shake it. Kydex holsters also have a tendency to keep their shape for a long time. Another advantage is that reholstering is simple. Because the holster is stiff, reholstering is a little easier, especially if you only have one hand available.

The comfort issue is one of the most common concerns regarding Kydex holsters. While stiffness is beneficial for maintaining the gun in its proper place, it is detrimental to comfort. Especially if you’re transporting IWB. Having this really hard item rammed down your pants with hard angles isn’t the most pleasant sensation. Sitting down while wearing a Kydex holster, especially if you have a big tummy like myself, can be inconvenient and even unpleasant until you get used to it. Another of the complaints about Kydex holsters is they tend to cause damage to your firearm. The Kydex holster tends to rub against specific spots on the gun, causing the finish to wear away. In a Kydex holster, the finish on your gun can start to wear away quickly after regular use. The final big disadvantage of Kydex holsters is that they are only compatible with a single gun model. If you change the gun you carry, add accessories, or make aftermarket modifications, your Kydex holster may no longer function as well as it once did. If your gun isn’t one of the more popular types, you’ll have a hard time locating a “off the shelf” Kydex holster, and having a custom built Kydex holster might be costly.