Will my gun be scratched by a kydex holster?

Do Kydex Holsters Damage or Scratch Guns?

Like other holster styles, kydex holster can dull a gun’s sheen. This is because Kydex is a very stiff thermoplastic polymer, which accounts for its rigidity. The aesthetics of the pistol are unaffected by the wear and abrasion, though. Holsters made of kydex have no other negative effects on the pistol.

Having said that, I adore Kydex and strongly suggest using it for holster construction. Read on if you have a Kydex holster or want to get one. This article will explain how Kydex can tarnish the finish on a rifle. Additionally, it will provide you suggestions on how to lessen this annoyance.

Understanding Kydex

after 4 years of heavy usage, there is barely any wear (most of it can be washed off).

You must comprehend the characteristics of Kydex in order to comprehend why some gun owners claim that their Kydex holsters wear out and scratch the finish of their firearms.

A thermoplastic is kydex. It is relatively simple to form into any shape needed when it is thermoformed, which is a material that is moulded using heat. But once it’s formed, it’s incredibly rigid. This contributes to the fact that it is frequently used while making holsters. In contrast to other materials, it enables the creation of a holster that is portable, strong, and affordable.

To draw and reholster a gun repeatedly causes wear, but Kydex’s stiffness is what causes this. It should be noted that Kydex measures at 90 on the Rockwell R scale for hardness.

Its rigidity and density make it exceedingly resistant to wear and scratches on its own, but they also make it more likely to scratch and wear other surfaces it comes into touch with, like your rifle.


The True Root of the Kydex Holster Issue

It is crucial to distinguish fact from myth when discussing the wearing effect that Kydex holsters have on gun finishes. Not all of the unfavourable press Kydex holsters have received is true. Some wear-related concerns are brought on by causes unrelated to Kydex.


Not All Kydex Holsters Are Made Of Plastic

Holsters made of plastic are widely available. However, not all of them are created from genuine Kydex.

Due to Kydex’s commercial success and widespread use, the name “Kydex” is now frequently used interchangeably to refer to plastic gun holsters in general. This lexical error is comparable to calling all face tissues by the name “Kleenex.” Like not all plastic holsters are Kydex holsters, not all tissues are Kleenex tissues.

Due to the abuse of the term “Kydex,” gun owners can end up buying holsters that they think are made of genuine Kydex but are not.

Holsters constructed of inferior plastic will cause a gun’s finish to be scratched and worn more frequently. In part, holsters that aren’t even constructed of Kydex are partly blame for the negative connotation associated with the material being rough.

Kydex Comes in a Variety of Forms.

There Are Many Variants of Kydex

Even if you buy a holster made of genuine Kydex, there are more than 40 different varieties of Kydex available on the market, which further complicates the question of how Kydex holsters impact the finish of your gun.

Different Kydex varieties may be utilised, depending on the holster’s manufacturer. Some gun coatings are more prone than others to scuffing and wear.

Given that they are gentler on your gun’s finish than other materials, Kydex100 and Kydex-T are regarded as the best options for gun holsters. In thermoforming, the latter is frequently referred to as “the gold standard.”

The grades of Kydex used to make pistol holsters that are created from recycled Kydex are the worst. Recycled Kydex frequently contains glass or other plastic impurities that are more likely to scratch a gun’s finish. Cheaper, subpar Kydex sheets will result in subpar holsters.

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