Will my gun be scratched by a kydex holster?

Other kydex holster, like most holsters, will leave a streak of plastic on portions of the handgun, but the kydex isn’t hard enough to scrape through the finish. Over time, worn points on the finish of the handguns will usually be noticeable. Simply maintain the holster clean and dust-free to reduce this type of wear and tear.

What is the best holster for concealed carry?

The following are three of Gun&Flower’s most comfortable concealed carry holsters:

1. Gun&Flower Hybrid IWB Kydex Holster-Hidden hybrid holsters from Gun&Flower.
2. Gun&Flower Universal Leather IWB Holster for Maximum Comfort and Concealed Carry
3. Gun&Flower Kydex IWB Holsters with Kydex Sheet Made in the United States.